Financial Aid

Department Information


Federal work-study is a government employment program which is directly supervised and maintained by Mount Saint Mary College's Financial Aid Office. Every eligible student is allocated a specific dollar amount that (s)he is not allowed to exceed. Questions and concerns not answered by the following information can be directed to Jeremy Girsch, the Work-Study Coordinator, in the Financial Aid Office via email at

The Basics

Work-Study eligibility is determined based on financial need and the timeliness of filing a FAFSA. For returning students, the FAFSA must be submitted no later than April 15th. A new incoming freshman student should have his/her FAFSA submitted by February 15th. Students are limited to working a maximum of ten (10) hours a week and are not permitted to exceed this amount without prior approval from both his/her supervisor and the Work-Study Coordinator.

Hiring a Student


Every spring  prior to the start of a new academic year, the Work-Study Coordinator will reach out to all supervisors for an updated job description and an approximate headcount of how many new students a division or department will require for the upcoming year. Once these updates are received, the Work-Study Coordinator will put together an online job form complete with job descriptions. This online job form will allow new incoming freshmen to review which job they believe they are most qualified for. Supervisors have two hiring options - they can require an interview before hiring or have a simple meet/greet/hire session with prospective student workers. *There are a limited amount of jobs on campus. Please hire on a first come, first considered basis.*

Returning Students:

Upperclassmen will be given a choice to return to their position from the prior year first. If an upperclassman would like to change his/her job placement (s)he will need to select three (3) different job choices and wait for a supervisor to contact them regarding a job placement.

Supervisor Responsibilities

Each work-study supervisor is responsible for maintaining and reviewing all of their students' timecards to check for both exceptions (a missed clock in or clock out) and fraudulent, inaccurate clockings as well. Supervisors need to retain an up-to-date working job description and be sure to submit this information once it is requested by the Work-Study Coordinator. Job expectations and evaluations should be clearly communicated with all students and confidentiality agreements should be signed by all students on at least a yearly basis. Supervisors should be prepared to take any and all necessary disciplinary actions if a situation warrants.

Have any questions or concerns? Please email Jeremy Girsch, Work-Study Coordinator at