Financial Aid

Freshmen Student Process

Freshmen Student Work-Study Process

Our job board/fair will be posted online this year. All applications for employment will be submitted electronically only. At this time, the Job Board is not open to new students. An email invitation will be sent out on September 3, 2013. The portal will be accepting applications for employment starting at 12 pm (noon) Tuesday, September 3-9, 2013.

The online job application will describe the available positions throughout campus and you will be able to select a job that best suits your abilities. You will be able to apply for your position directly from the website. In addition to the online job application to the department of your choosing, you will also need to fill out the working documents attached to the September 4th email.

These working papers (I-9, IT2104, W-4, and Direct Deposit) will need to be printed out and handed in to the Financial Aid Office in Aquinas Hall Room 112 no later than 5 pm on September 3, 2013. There will be a box marked FEDERAL WORK-STUDY that you can drop them off in upon entering the office. We will also need a copy of your Social Security Card if you have not provided it to our office at this time. We will not have paper copies available to students so please print and complete prior to coming into the office. Click here to download sample tax forms to see how they are supposed to be filled out.

If you have any lingering questions, an email will be going out within the next week and a half to update you further. In the meantime, please get these tax documents filled out and refer to the example online if you need assistance.

Please email with any questions you might have. Your questions will be responded to quicker by email.