Work-Study Employment

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find out what jobs are available?

You may view and apply for available jobs on the electronic job form. If you have federal work-study, you will be sent an email invitation to your email which will allow you to view the job openings. Be sure to check all of your email folders in case it is incorrectly flagged as "junk."

How can I find out what each job entails?

On the work-study online job form, there will be a link to all of the job descriptions that are available. You will also receive this information via email. Please read the email or follow the link as it will give you a briefing of what responsibilities each job entails. If you have any questions regarding these duties, please email the Work-Study Coordinator, Amanda Doolittle, at

What forms of identification do I need for an I-9?

U.S. Citizens:

  • A current U.S. Passport (original, not a photocopy), or
  • An official birth certificate and a photo identification card. The birth certificate must be an original or a certified copy bearing a raised seal. The identification card may be a Mount Saint Mary College ID card or state-issued photo ID card or driver’s license, bearing a recent photograph, or
  • A Social Security card and a photo identification card. The Social Security card must be the actual card. The identification card may be a Mount Saint Mary College ID card or state issued photo ID card or driver’s license, bearing a recent photograph.

Permanent Resident Aliens:

  • An Alien Registration Receipt Card, INS Form I-151, or Resident Alien Card, INS I-551. Either card must bear a photograph and be valid.

All Others:

  • Foreign passport with validated (stamped) Form I-94 and valid visa and I-20 issued by Mount Saint Mary College or an employment authorization card for students not on an F-1 or J-1 visa.

Can I change my job during the year at times other than spring, summer, and September sign-ups?

Generally students are not permitted to change jobs unless approval is obtained from both the new work-study supervisor and the Work-Study Coordinator in the Financial Aid Office.

What happens after I sign up for a job?

Once you choose three departments on the work-study online job form, you will then be notified by the positions’ supervisors. Please take the time to respond to all supervisors who email you. The supervisor will inform you of a meeting time and place in order to discuss your desired position with that division. When you have decided which job you would like to accept, please make final arrangements with the supervisor, who will then email a list of all students who are working for that department to the Work-Study Coordinator. As a professional courtesy, please inform the remaining supervisors who have been in contact with you that you have secured a job elsewhere. 

How many hours can I work per week?

You can work up to (but not exceed) 10 hours per week, depending on your work-study allotment. The weekly student work period runs from Sunday to Saturday and you will receive a paycheck every two weeks for the hours you have worked. Please check the pay calendar for details. 

How do I record my time?

Every student who works must punch in/punch out using ADP Portal. You can access this site at Once you have activated your login, this website will be used to record your working hours. Timecards are watched and reviewed very carefully. Any fraudulent clockings may result in an immediate removal from the Work-Study Program. Please remember - if you forget to clock in and out, you will not be paid for those hours unless you notify your direct supervisor. You must clock in and out every time you work.

Can I make up hours that I missed from previous work weeks?

With prior approval from your supervisor, you can work additional hours to makeup for lost hours from a previous week.

When do I get paid?

Students are paid every two weeks according to the payroll schedule found on the MSMC website.

Are taxes taken out of my check?

During the school year, your pay is usually too small for taxes to be taken out because you only work part-time. However, if your pay is large enough, federal and state taxes will be deducted based upon your W-4 form. If too much federal or state income tax is withheld, you will get a refund when you file your tax return for the year.

How do I apply for Direct Deposit?

All work-study students are required to complete a Direct Deposit form when first joining the program. While the W-4 needs to be completed every year, the Direct Deposit form only needs to be completed once, unless your banking information changes. If you need to mke a change to this information, please contact the Work-Study Coordinator in the Financial Aid Office via email at

Prior pay stubs can also be viewed if you log in to

Can I have more than one job?

In most cases, no. A second job must be approved by the Financial Aid Office. If you are not working the maximum allowable number of hours per week, and if there is a part-time job available, then you might be able to have a second job. Both departments must also acknowledge your part-time status. We don’t recommend students having two jobs.