Weather and Cancellations

Monday, January 26

The College closed at 12:10 p.m. Monday, January 26th,due to the weather.

Please see the Student Affairs Snow Update for more information on dining services, charging stations, parking, and special activities.

Tuesday, January 27

If the College remains open on Tuesday, please note the following course relocations:

Course, Instructor, Day, Time, Original Room, Moved to
CRI 1110-02, Rebekah Linkowski, Tuesday, January 27th, 12:45-2:10, GUZ 001, Aquinas 311
HLT 3040-F1, Meggin Sabatino, Tuesday, January 27th, 6:45-9:55, GUZ 001, Aquinas 216
NUR 3040-02, Sheila Riivera, Tuesday, January 27th, 9:05-11:50, GUZ 001, Aquinas 122
HIS 1020-03, Jeffrey Kahana, Tuesday, January 27th, 9:35-11:00, GUZ 002, Hudson 005
HIS 1020-04, Jeffrey Kahana, Tuesday, January 27th, 11:10-12:35, GUZ 002, Hudson 004
MTH 0150-01, Karen McCaffery, Tuesday, January 27th, 12:45-2:10, GUZ 002, Aquinas 307

Please go to the alternative classroom on Tuesday. The classrooms will be fully functional again on Wednesday, January 28th and class will meet as scheduled. Thank you for your cooperation!

MSMC Alert

If you have not already done so, please register for MSMC Alert. MSMC Alert is the college’s emergency notification system. Please go to the following site and complete the registration process, or check and update your information if you previously registered. It’s quick and easy. Get started at