Paul Schwartz, PhD

 Portrait of: Paul SchawrtzPaul Schwartz, PhD, is a professor of psychology at Mount Saint Mary College.

Dr. Schwartz has taught, counseled, lectured about, held workshops for both parents and teachers, researched, written about, and developed programs for adolescents. Over the past years, he has collaborated on research projects with Dr. David Elkind, professor emeritus of Tufts University and author of The Hurried Child. He developed the Center for Adolescent Research and Development in collaboration with Dr. Spielhagen, Dr. Maynard, and Dr. Uzelac as a means of providing a research and evaluation base for schools and agencies working with adolescents, as well as providing an information clearinghouse for parents and all those interested in adolescent development.

He is interested in all aspects of adolescent development and culture, especially the transitional aspects of adolescent development and emerging adulthood, and how adolescents develop meaning and purpose in their lives. His current research examines adolescent egocentrism and how adolescents and emerging adults use social networking sites.

He additionally writes a monthly column on child and adolescent issues for Hudson Valley Parent magazine.

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