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Teach the Change

Teach the ChangeTeach the Change is a comprehensive initiative of the Mount Saint Mary College Division of Education, coordinated in conjunction with the Center for Adolescent Research and Development, under the leadership of Dr. Frances Spielhagen.

The initiative has three major focus areas:

  1. To continue to strengthen the teaching profession in the programs provided by this college. Over the last half century, MSMC has been the premier provider of teacher education in the Hudson Valley. It is significant that in the last five years, two of the New York State Teachers of the year have been from the Mount. There are over 100 schools of education in the state, including Columbia, Syracuse, NYU, Fordham – and two recent teachers of the year have been from the Mount!
  2. To create a pipeline of teacher candidates from area high schools, especially first- generation college goers and those who have been underrepresented in the teaching profession. We are affiliated with Educators Rising, a national organization that supports high school clubs to foster interest in teaching as a career. Mount Saint Mary College is the higher education connection for Educators Rising in the Hudson Valley.
  3. To strengthen the current teaching force by providing teacher leadership training for area teachers. Teacher leadership has become a critical issue of the education narrative. On October 26, 2016, we will host a Teacher Leadership Conference with the help of the National/State Teachers of the Year and New York State United Federation of Teachers. This initiative has the support of the New York State Education Department and the United States Department of Education. We invite area school district leaders to nominate teacher leaders to attend this initial conference.


For more information, please contact Dr. Frances Spielhagen by email at card@msmc.edu.