Center on Aging and Disability Policy

The Center on Aging and Disability Policy located at Mount Saint Mary College was established in 2006. The Center on Aging and Disability Policy promotes an interdisciplinary perspective dedicated to excellence in research and scholarship in the field of gerontology and is a national resource for the Area Agencies on Aging (AAA’s).

Primary objectives of the Center on Aging and Disability Policy

  • to carry out and implement the National Institute of Health (NIH) funded grant: Service Determinants of Preventive Service Provision by Area Agencies on Aging
  • to promote student interest and leadership in the field of gerontology
  • to provide opportunities to support student-faculty research in the field of gerontology
  • to review current practices, program designs, and policies that are found within the aging network
  • to stimulate research inquiries within the field of aging services and aging policy
  • to analyze how aging networks are enhanced through the process of cross-system dialogue
  • to explore, describe, and measure both formal and informal aging interventions of care within the public and private sector
  • to encourage and sponsor student participation in local, state, and national professional aging and gerontological organizations
  • to increase the knowledge-base of how aging programs and services in the public and private sector will meet the challenge of the “changing landscape of aging” on a national level
  • to promote a deeper understanding of the collaborative relationship between aging research and aging policy with a focus on planning and measurement


Lawrence T. Force, PhD, LCSW-R

Jeffrey S. Kahana, J.D., PhD