ProActive Caring Advisory Council

To help implement the ProActive Caring Project, The Center on Aging and Disability Policy at Mount Saint Mary College is drawing on the wisdom and experience of an Advisory Council composed of self-advocates, practitioners, and family members.

The Advisory Council, which meets quarterly, is vital to ensuring the success of the project.  The Council’s responsibilities include the following:

  • Nominating community-based agencies that are known or recommended by their networks as possible hosts for the caregiver trainings.
  • Promoting the availability and benefits of the trainings, so they reach the maximum number of caregivers, including caregivers in un- and under-served communities.
  • Helping mobilize communities in support of individuals with intellectual, developmental, and other disabilities--and their caregivers—by recruiting trusted and well-connected community leaders as advocates of the trainings.
  • Providing feedback about the roll-out and implementation of the ProActive Caring project. Recommending adjustments to the trainings and collateral materials based on evaluations by participating caregivers and organizations.
  • Assisting with exploration of sustainability measures and long-term funding and support resources for continuation of the trainings following the initial three-year period.


Advisory Council Roster

Jessica Baumann

Meg Boyce

Sandy Brownsey

Toni Ciarfella

Nancy DeSando

Helen Ennist

Bob Hughes

Eileen Lofthouse

Barbara Russell

Sarah West