Train-the-Trainer Conferences

Train-the-Trainer conferences are intended to train teams of clinical and peer facilitators to conduct ProActive Caring Stress Reduction classes for family caregivers.

Benefits to participating Community Service Providers include:

  • Free training for members of your staff and family advocates.
  • The opportunity to provide family caregivers with evidence-informed support training.
  • The opportunity to assist caregivers with stress reduction and teach them effective coping mechanisms for both short- and long-term stressful situations.
  • Free curriculum materials, along with any updates made to the curriculum.

Responsibilities of Community Service Providers will include:

  • Identifying teams of staff and family caregiver facilitators who agree, after being trained on model implementation, to deliver at least two trainings in the six-month period following the Train-the-Trainer event.
  • Promoting the availability and benefits of the trainings, so they reach the maximum number of caregivers, including caregivers in unserved and under-served communities.
  • Hosting the caregiver trainings and, if possible, providing refreshments and childcare support.

The Agency Team:

Underlying the ProActive Caring Program is the belief that family caregivers are experts in caring for someone with a disability. Accordingly, peer facilitators are a vital part of the ProActive Caring team, and every ProActive Caring Stress Reduction course is co-led by a clinical facilitator and a peer facilitator.

Unlike clinical facilitators, whose time is reimbursed by the agency for which they work, peer facilitators will receive stipends from the ProActive Caring program. Other benefits to family caregivers who serve as peer facilitators include the opportunity to learn strategies for stress reduction and self-care and the opportunity to support other caregivers.

The first train-the-trainer conference will be held at Mount Saint Mary College in Newburgh, NY, on Friday, August 3.  Check back soon for details or (to receive a flyer, when available), click here!