Lip Sync Battle of Giving

Meet the Judges and Participants


#FeatureFriday - Meet the Lip Sync Battle judges and participants!

Margaret Treacy
Director of Annual Giving

Margaret Treacy is the Director of Annual Giving at the Mount. She is a 2013 Mount graduate who hails from Monroe, NY. Though this is her first Lip Sync Battle, she has years of karaoke experience thanks to her SpongeBob SqaurePants karaoke machine. Margaret made her official karaoke debut at Billy Joe Ribworks with “I Want It That Way” in 2010. 

Fun Fact: Her SpongeBob karaoke machine broke while performing “I Want Candy” when she spun in a circle and ripped the cord from the speaker – she has never performed that song since.


Devon Scalfari

Database Coordinator

You can watch Devon driving around campus jamming out to Justin Timberlake or Beyoncé. She has four kids and they often join the performances as backup singers. Devon is well versed with today’s hits and throwback tunes.


Fun Fact: Devon enjoys jamming out to Happy while cleaning her house.


Michelle Iacuessa

Director of Alumni Affairs

Michelle Iacussa is a huge fan of music. As an avid concert goer, she’s seen Zac Brown, George Michael, U2 and Duran Duran. Despite her dedication to live concerts, she will not crowd surf – don’t get any ideas.


Fun Fact: Michelle enjoys singing to James Taylor when nobody is around . . . but if no one hears her, is she really singing???


Emily Ricci

Assistant Director of Digital Communications

Emily Ricci '15 is no stranger to the stage. She notes that her love of music began at her 10th birthday party with the theme being karaoke. Her first Lip Sync Battle was as a youth group leader in 2016, where she surprised the teens with a rendition of Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off."

Fun Fact: Emily and her husband, Aaron Ricci '16, were part of the MSMC Choir and performed at Christmas Vespers as students.


Kathleen O’Keefe

Director of the Career Center

This is Kathleen’s first Lip Sync Battle. Don’t let her love of 70’s music fool you – she will not wear bell bottoms or tie-dyed ponchos. She may forget the lyrics to the song, but if you blast “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond, she may sing along.

Fun Fact: Kathleen enjoys singing in the car.

Michael O’Keefe

Executive Director of Operations & Risk Management

This is Michael first Lip Sync Battle. His favorite genre of music is Folk Rock. He enjoy singing in the car, as long as the windows are closed. Michael’s go to song is Eagles-Take It Easy, or Billy Joel-Miami 2017.


Fun Fact: Michael will sing Foggy Dew if he hears it.


Kelly Palmateer

Assistant Director of Student Activities

If you see Kelly driving to work appearing to be shouting, don’t worry, she is just singing at the top of her lungs. Her favorite music is rock, rock alternative and rock ballad. Kelly enjoys rocking out to “Perfect Situation” by Wheezer.


Fun Fact: Kelly is pregnant, and she often sings in hopes her baby can hear her.


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