CDI Event

From Enemies to Allies

November 03, 2016 7:00 PM
DC 218

From Enemies to Allies: How Nostra Aetate Changed Christian-Jewish Relations

For nearly 1500 years the Catholic Church rejected the validity of Judaism and was one of the greatest enemies of the Jewish people. But exactly 51 years ago at the Second Vatican Council, a “Copernican revolution” in Catholic theology occurred with the passage of “Nostra Aetate.” This historic document condemned all forms of anti-Semitism, acknowledged the Jewish roots of the Church and affirmed the living covenant between God and the Jewish people. In doing so, Nostra Aetate completely transformed the relationship between Catholics and their “older brothers.”

This evening Rabbi Dr. Eugene Korn will present why this dramatic change took place, Jewish reactions to Nostra Aetate, the current state of Catholic-Jewish affairs and will outline the new challenges facing both the Church and the Jewish people in their evolving relationship.

Rabbi Dr. Eugene Korn

Rabbi Dr. Eugene Korn is Academic Director of The Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding and Cooperation in Israel, which he helped found, and Senior Research Fellow at Beit Morasha of Jerusalem’s Institute for Religion and Society. He was ordained by the Israeli Rabbinate and earned a PhD. in philosophy at Columbia University. He has taught at Columbia, Yeshiva and the Graduate Department of Judeo-Christian Studies of Seton Hall Universities. Previously he was Executive Director of the Center for Christian-Jewish Understanding at Sacred Heart University and National Director of Interfaith Affairs at the Anti-Defamation League.

Dr. Korn is contributor and co-editor of Plowshares into Swords? Reflections on Religion and Violence (CJCUC, 2014) and Returning to Zion: Christian and Jewish Perspectives (CJCUC, 2015), both results of a theology research project he co-directed of world renowned Christian and Jewish theologians. He is a contributor and co-editor of the award winning Jewish Theology and World Religions (Littman Library, 2012), and Covenant and Hope: New Frontiers in Jewish and Christian Theology (Eerdmans, 2012). His previous books include The Jewish Connection to the Land of Israel—A Brief Introduction for Christians (Jewish Lights, 2007) End of Exile by James Parkes (Micah, 2002) and Two Faiths, One Covenant? (Rowman and Littlefield).

Dr. Korn founded a Jewish-Catholic theological dialogue in Jerusalem and has published more than 30 scholarly essays on Jewish ethics and law, Jewish-Christian relations, Jewish attitudes toward non Jewish culture and religious extremism. His writings have been translated into Hebrew, Italian, Spanish and German. His articles, reviews of theological works and op-ed essays have appeared in the Chicago Sun-Times, The Jerusalem Post, America Magazine, Religion News Service, The Jewish Week, The Forward, National Catholic Reporter, and Studies in Christian-Jewish Relations.

Rabbi Korn lives in Jerusalem with his wife, Lila Magnus Korn. They travel frequently to Europe and the United State for professional and family reasons. He and Lila are blessed with three children and seven grandchildren, who live in Israel and the United States.

EB Korn