Hounds of the Lord

October 06, 2016 7:00 PM

We welcome Dr. Kevin Vost, past research review committee member for American MENSA, to our campus!

Dr. Kevin Vost Faculty Lunch
12:30 pm
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Dr. Kevin Vost Evening Lecture,"Hounds of the Lord"
7 pm, DC218

Hounds of the Lord: A Celebration of 800 Years of Dominicans

At the time of their beginnings in the 13th century, some called the Dominicans “hounds of the Lord” because canis meant “dog” in Latin and Domini “of the Lord.” Some of those hounds snatched up the pun and ran with it. “The roving dogs are the Order of Preachers who do not wait at their homes for the poor but go out to them and lick the ulcers of their sins, having in their mouths the bark of preaching,” said one of their three great Church Doctors as he commented on Luke 16. “They are also called dogs. ‘Dumb dogs which cannot bark’ (Is. 56:10). This is glossed, ‘Bark, that is, preach.’ So the preacher is called a dog, and therefore ought to wander round hither and thither like a hungry dog, eager to swallow up souls into the body of the church. ‘They will feel hunger like dogs and go about the city’ (Ps. 58:7),” said their fifth Master General.

Dr. Vost will celebrate the 800th Jubilee Year of the Dominicans by highlighting the lives of St. Dominic Guzman and eight other hounds of the Lord, showing how they have wandered the world for the last 800 years -- praising, blessing, and preaching in ways that should feed and let loose the hound of the Lord in each one of us.

Dr. Kevin Vost

Kevin Vost, PsyD, completed his doctorate in clinical psychology at the Adler School of Professional Psychology with dissertation research on Executive Functioning in Early Alzheimer’s Disease at the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine. He has taught psychology and gerontology at Aquinas College in Nashville, the University of Illinois at Springfield, MacMurray College, and Lincoln Land Community College. He has served as a Research Review Committee Member for American Mensa. Kevin has appeared on hundreds of Catholic radio and television programs on the subject matter of more than a dozen books from Memorize the Faith!, to The One-Minute Aquinas, to Hounds of the Lord. Dr. Vost and his wife are in formation as Dominican Associates in Springfield, Illinois.