Division of Arts and Letters

Pursue your passion

You can make a career out of doing what you love! Just bring your passion for influencing the world, and we'll show you how.

The Division of Arts and Letters offers a variety of courses from a number of disciplines, such as American, British, and world literature; foreign languages; and the fine and performing arts. Students can pursue minors in Theatre Arts and Music.

The Division also houses the Communication, Art, and Digital Media program, which offers students a variety of opportunities in advertising, public relations, digital media, film and video production, journalism, and more.

The programs offered by the Division of Arts and Letters prepare students for graduate school, and careers in education, journalism, advertising, public relations, and web media and design.

Arts and Letters Programs

Communciation, Art, and Digital Media Programs

Mount Saint Mary College Arts and Letters

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  • July 17, 2019

    Orientation 2 Jul 17 Welcoming the Class of 2023!

Faye Denisar
Administrative Assistant