Division of Arts and Letters

Adjunct Faculty

In addition to our amazing full-time Arts and Letters faculty, we are pleased to have many adjunct faculty members who teach courses in the Division of Arts and Letters as well. These professors, many of whom are still currently employed in communications and creative fields, bring a unique perspective to the classroom by integrating timely, real-world experiences into their teaching.

You can contact our adjuct faculty members using the emails below.

Anna AdlerAadl3316@my.msmc.edu
Ana AgueroAguero@my.msmc.edu
Merle BeckerMbec8992@my.msmc.edu
Fallon ColaciccoFcol8356@my.msmc.edu
Frank DavisFdavis@my.msmc.edu
Cecilia Dos SantosCdos9939@my.msmc.edu
Teresa EstradaTmac4585@my.msmc.edu
Gina EversGina.Evers@msmc.edu
Gary JackettiGjac4166@my.msmc.edu
MacKenzie KellMkel3713@my.msmc.edu
Kaylyn KinneyKkinney@my.msmc.edu
Helen LamisonHlam2955@my.msmc.edu
Antonella Lazar Al5745@my.msmc.edu
Nihal MahawadugeNmah3930@my.msmc.edu
Roberta RinaldoRrin9751@my.msmc.edu
Dakin RoyDakin.Roy@msmc.edu
Christiaan SabatelliCsab5572@my.msmc.edu
Eric SeidemanEric.Seideman@msmc.edu
Dennis SmithDsmi2536@my.msmc.edu
Samantha StobertSamantha.Stobert@msmc.edu
Elizabeth Thomas-CappelloEcap1728@my.msmc.edu
Joanne ZipayJzip4280@my.msmc.edu


Gina Evers, adjunct professor in the Division of Arts and Letters