Division of Education

CAEP 8 Annual Reporting Measures (CAEP 5.4)

Measure of
completer impact

of trends

with benchmarks


I. Impact on P-12 student learning/development
Case Study Pilot PlanData available summer 2019 LINK
II. Indicators of teaching effectiveness
Case Study Pilot PlanData available summer 2019 LINK
III. Satisfaction of employers
MHSSC Employer Survey 2016.2017

This survey was sent to 110 local P-12 school districts. 50 Districts responded, with a response rate of 45% in 2017.

The lowest mean (MSMC 3.0/All EPPs 3.2) is ability to teach STEM.

Our highest means (3.7 and higher) are:

  • Classroom management (3.7)
  • Collaboration with colleagues (3.7)
  • Understanding and interpreting IEPs (3.7)
  • Content knowledge (3.7)
  • Teachers are an asset to our institution (4.0)
  • Teachers have a positive impact on student learning (4.1)
  • We actively seek teachers from this institution (3.7)
Overall, we are at or above the average means when compared to all EPPs on a majority of the measures.LINK
IV. Satisfaction of completers
MSMC Alumni Graduate Follow-Up Survey

Overall a majority of candidates rated themselves as being prepared well/very well in most indicators. There is a discrepancy from the graduate student data, but the low N is most likely a contributing factor.

Highest rating is preparedness in teaching strategies (95%)

Lowest rating is preparedness in working with families (68%)

When comparing Employer and Alumni (Completer) responses, both rate our Completers as prepared on all InTASC standard measures. A revision of the Alumni Graduate Follow-Up Survey will align measures for a stronger comparison.LINK
V. Graduation rates
Graduation Rate 
VI. Ability of completers to meet licensing (certification)
Title II NYSED Certification Exam DataNY State data currently not available for adolescence Candidates Pass Rates are 89% - 100% and meet or exceed NY State average pass ratesLINK
VII. Ability of completers to be hired in positions for which they have prepared
Employment Rate  LINK
VIII. Consumer information

Student Loan Default Rate

Teacher salary range for NY State

This site shows teaching salary ranges in NY State.

In Orange County, NY, the median teaching salary range is from $74,000 to 

See link to search for other districts/



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