Division of Education

Adjunct Faculty

In addition to our amazing full-time Education faculty, we are pleased to have many adjunct faculty members who teach courses in the Division of Education as well. These professors, many of whom are still currently employed in area school districts, bring a unique perspective to the classroom by integrating timely, real-world experiences into their teaching.

You can contact our adjuct faculty members using the emails below.

Steven Borrellosbor1093@my.msmc.edu
Susan Deckersdecker@my.msmc.edu
Matthew Freedmanmfre8980@my.msmc.edu
Linda Gilmartinlgil8319@my.msmc.edu
Kathleen Helhoski khel0037@my.msmc.edu
Allison Robertsarob5072@my.msmc.edu
Jessica Turnerjtur0928@my.msmc.edu
R. Antonia Uszenskircia0558@my.msmc.edu
Joanne Vernonjver3101@my.msmc.edu