Mathematics and IT Faculty

Bojan Lazarevic

Associate Professor of Information Technology


Doctor of Philosophy, University of Nebraska
Master of Arts, The University of Belgrade-Serbia
Bachelor of Arts, The University of Belgrade-Serbia

Office: Aquinas Hall 50-C
Office Hours: T 4-5:30 pm, W 2 - 3:30 pm
Phone: 856-569-3898


CIT 3210: Distributed Learning
CIT 3710: Managing Technology Resources
CIT 1052 OL: Online Computer Literacy
CIT 1052: Computer Literacy


Bojan Lazarevic's educational background is in general pedagogy/adult education with a media and distance learning emphasis. He received a PhD in instructional technology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Prior to coming to Mount Saint Mary College, Professor Lazarevic worked as an instructor at the University of Belgrade-Serbia for eight years, where he taught courses such as Media and Education, Pedagogy of Communication, and Methodology of Adult Elementary Education. He also taught the Instructional Technology course for pre-service teachers at the University of Nebraska for three years.

His research interest is in instructional design, cognition and technology, production of multimedia, online learning as well as open source software, Web 2.0 applications and mobile learning.

To date, he has published two books and a number of papers in both journals and proceedings.

Specializations / Areas of Interest

Instructional Design
Web 2.0 Technolgy
Online Learning
Multimedia Production
Emerging Technology
Innovative Pedagogy



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