Division of Natural Sciences

Adjunct Faculty

In addition to our amazing full-time Natural Science faculty, we are pleased to have many adjunct faculty members who teach courses in the Division of Natural Sciences as well. These professors, many of whom are still currently employed in scientific fields, bring a unique perspective to the classroom by integrating timely, real-world experiences into their teaching.

You can contact our adjuct faculty members using the emails below.

Michael Bomsmbom0202@my.msmc.edu
James Congellijcon7309@my.msmc.edu
Robert DeSantisrdes0007@my.msmc.edu
Chester Dziobkowskicdzi3430@my.msmc.edu
Scott Hocuttshoc8524@my.msmc.edu
Jerrold Lernerjler9743@my.msmc.edu
Peter LeRoseplerose@my.msmc.edu
Wesley Lovewlov4062@my.msmc.edu
Douglas Masetdmas0587@my.msmc.edu
Manju Mehtammeh2333@my.msmc.edu
William Patrickwpatrick@my.msmc.edu
Daniel Penadpen0943@my.msmc.edu
Anthony Scadutoasca4180@my.msmc.edu
Mary Shortmsho5545@my.msmc.edu
Donald Wojciechowiczdwoj2334@my.msmc.edu
Lori Ann Wojciechowiczwojciech@my.msmc.edu