Natural Sciences Faculty

Douglas Robinson

Associate Professor of Biology


Doctor of Philosophy, Binghamton University
Master of Science, Emporia State University
Bachelor of Science, SUNY Brockport
Associate of Arts, SUNY Farmingdale

Office: Aquinas Hall, 250-I
Office Hours: M/W/F, 10:15 am-Noon
Phone: 845-569-3648


BIO 310 Animal Behavior
BIO 408 Ecology
BIO 200 New Zealand Study Abroad (January 2014 Interim)


Professor Robinson is an evolutionary biologist whose teaching and research experiences have focused on organismal biology and behavior. He has taught classes on animal behavior, ecology, ornithology, vertebrate biology, general biology, environmental science, and human anatomy and physiology. He guided a group of students to New Zealand for an 18-day trip and looks to do so at Mount Saint Mary College soon.

The questions that guide his research revolve around how behavior is shaped by ecological and social environments. During the spring of 2011, Professor Robinson will continue his postdoctoral work on understanding the prevalence and impact of antibiotic resistant bacteria on behavior and survival in American Crows in the mid-Hudson Valley. I encourage students and citizen scientists to get involved in order to broaden their research horizons or simply to learn about another study system.

 Portrait of: Douglas Robinson