The Division of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Mount Saint Mary College

Division of Philosophy and Religious Studies

Because the Mount is a liberal arts college, we want our students to receive an education that will prepare them to be critical thinkers with a lifelong love of wisdom. Courses in Philosophy and Religious Studies help the students to achieve these important goals.


Although there is no major in Philosophy, the broad range of electives should fill the needs of the inquiring student. Insights and theories formulated by major philosophers of the Western and Eastern intellectual traditions are examined and the basic skills of philosophical thought are mastered. It is the aim of the division to communicate the values intrinsic to, and arising from, the “examined life.”

Religious Studies

The Religious Studies curriculum provides an opportunity for a multi-faceted reflection on the religious dimension of the human experience, utilizing the traditions associated with the Dominican Order. These traditions include the use of disputatio (respectful dialogue) and acquisition of the perspectives necessary for the search for veritas (truth) in all disciplines. The Religious Studies program affords students the opportunity to pursue studies in either Religious Studies or Biblical Studies, leading, if the student desires, to a minor in either one of these areas.

The Mount offers courses in the Old and New Testaments, world religions, contemporary moral problems, and marriage/family issues, among others.

Academic programs:

Students with an interest in religious studies should also explore events and opportunities offered through Campus Ministry and the Mount's Catholic and Dominican Institute.


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Deborah J. Meissner
Administrative Assistant