Social Sciences Faculty

Jenifer Lee-Gonyea

Associate Professor of Criminology


PhD, Criminology, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
MS, Criminal Justice, Marshall University
BA, Psychology, West Virginia University

Office: Whittaker Hall, Room 003
Office Hours: M 11 am-12:30 pm; W 1:30-2:30 pm; Th 11:30 am-Noon
Phone: 845-569-3322


CRI 1110: Introduction to Criminology
CRI 2250: Victims of Crime
CRI 3550: Women and Crime
CRI 4300: Criminological Theory


Dr. Lee-Gonyea is originally from West Virginia and has attended or worked in colleges/universities in Pennsylvania and Texas. Prior to starting in her doctorate program in Criminology she worked for the West Virginia Supreme Court in the Administrative Office and the Office of Counsel. Her dissertation focused on law students' views of hate crimes and hate crime victims seeking to understand what might influence the views of these future lawyers.

Originally interested in psychology, Dr. Lee-Gonyea developed an interest in crime and the criminal justice system prior to earning her BA degree from WVU. To learn more about the criminal justice system, she sought and completed a MS degree in criminal justice with an interest in working in some part of the court system. After approximately 2 years working in the court system, she became interested in learning more about crime, society, offenders, victims, and the criminal justice system and applied (and was accepted into) a PhD program in Criminology.

Criminology was selected over Criminal Justice as her major field of study for her doctorate program because of a broader interest in a variety of aspects of crime. Because of her training in criminal justice and criminology, Dr. Lee-Gonyea is able to incorporate a more complete discussion of issues related to crime into her courses.

Dr. Lee-Gonyea started at Mount Saint Mary College in the fall of 2008, moving to New York from a position at a university in Texas. She teaches a variety of courses in the Criminology concentration ranging from lower-level introductory courses (Introduction to Criminology, Victims of Crime) to upper-level required and elective courses (Comparative Criminology, Conflict and Resolution, Women and Crime).

Recent publications have focused in the area of sex work and, in 2015, a chapter will appear in an edited book related to the international history of sex work. This chapter focuses on the evolution of the law enforcement response to those involved in sex work. Dr. Lee-Gonyea's recent research has focused on Restorative Justice and the Criminology/Criminal Justice Curriculum, as well as focusing on the faculty who teach Restorative Justice Courses.

Research Interests

Restorative Justice
Victims of Crime
Criminology & Higher Education
Sex Work
Diversity Issues in Higher Education


Lee-Gonyea, J. (2016). From Toleration to Stings: The Evolution of the American Law Enforcement Response to Prostitution in Prostitution: A Companion of Mankind. Frankfurt/New York: Peter Lang.

Lee-Gonyea, J. (2012). Crime and Society textbook (contributor). Bridgepoint Education.

Gonyea, N.E., Lee-Gonyea, J.A., & Shea, R. (2012). “Welcoming Non-Hispanic Students and Faculty to Hispanic Servicing Institutions: Predictors of Hispanic Students Attitudes toward Diversity at Majority Hispanic HSIs.” Journal of Research in Education, 22(1), 70-85.

Lee-Gonyea, J. (2011). “Now it’s our turn: A thematic analysis of female customers’ rating, reviews, and testimonials of their male escorts.” International Journal of Crime, Criminal Justice, and Law, 6(1/2), 109-123.

San Miguel, C., Miller, M., Kwak, D., Lee-Gonyea, J.A., & Gonyea, N. E. (2011). “Xenophobia among Hispanic College Students and Implications for the Criminal Justice System.”

Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice, 27(1), 95-109. DOI: 10.1177/1043986211402251

Professional Memberships

American Society of Criminology
American Association of University Professors

 Portrait of: Jennifer Lee- Gonyea