Social Sciences Faculty

Yasmine Kalkstein

Associate Professor of Psychology


Doctor of Philosophy, Educational Psychology, University of Minnesota
Master of Arts, Educational Psychology, University of Minnesota
Bachelor of Arts, Biopsychology, University of Virginia 

Office Location: Whittaker Hall, Room 208
Office Hours: Tuesday 10:30 am-1:30 pm
Phone: 845-569-3631


First Year Experience General Psychology
Senior Research Seminar


Yasmine Kalkstein is in her sixth year as an Assistant Professor of Psychology at the Mount. At the Mount, she has taught General Psychology, Psychology of Personality, Research in Child Development, Sensation & Perception, Cognitive Psychology, Senior Research Seminar, Developmental Psychology, Biopsychology, Social Psychology and Imagination & Creativity. She serves as faculty editor for Brainwaves (

Dr. Kalkstein has presented and published research in medical decision making, motivation, reading comprehension, academic integrity, and in the scholarship of teaching and learning. Her work reflects her intrinsic interest in the science of cognition, learning, and teaching. She enjoys learning about new areas and following the interests of students she works with.

Her most recent line of inquiry examines the influences on women's decision making as related to childbirth. She has examined the use of online forums in medical decision making. She is also researching the cognitive and social variables that may influence women choosing a vaginal birth after a previous cesarean section. Last year, she also worked with undergraduates to examine how to increase flu vaccination rates among college students.

She recently received a grant from the Association for Psychological Science to develop a program called Beginnings in Psychological Science where, together with Mount students, Dr. Kalkstein is developing psychology curricula for primary school students (and bringing psychology to local schools). Check out the website:

When she’s not working, she leads a girl scout troop, and likes to enjoy the outdoors with her husband, two kids, and their Bernese mountain dog.


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