Arts and Letters

Dean Goldberg

Professor of Digital Media and Film Studies
Director of the Communication, Art, and Digital Media Program


Master of Fine Arts, Goddard College
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Hunter College, City University of New York

Office:  Aquinas Hall, Room 12-B
Office Hours:  By appointment
Phone:  845-569-3170


Screenwriting for Film and Television
Broadcast Journalism
The Art of Film
Digital Video Production


Dean Goldberg began his professional life working for well-known New York democratic political consultant, David Sawyer. As a film editor, then producer/ director, he was involved with more than 50 national campaigns, including races for Senator Ted Kennedy, Senator John Glenn, Senator Frank Lautenberg, Governor Jim Hunt, and Mayor Kevin White. During the 90s he wrote and directed television episodes for "Missing Reward," "Hard Copy," "A Current Affair," and many other shows featuring dramatic recreations. Professor Goldberg joined the Mount Saint Mary College faculty in 2008. After establishing Mount Media, a creative agency formed with Mount Saint Mary College students, Professor Goldberg has gone on to mentor and create promotional material and films for:

Nora Cronin Presentation Academy
Habitat for Humanity of Newburgh
The Newburgh Ministry
The Bishop Dunn Memorial School
Bishop Dunn day camp
Women of Achievement of Orange County
Elant care facilities
Family Literacy Happens in Newburgh (Newburgh Armory)

In 2016 Professor Goldberg directed "Newburgh Rising: A Photographers for Hope Journey" about a group of photographers from around the globe led by photojournalist David Burnett.


The Kaplan Family Foundation: a living legacy
Editor: Dean Goldberg
Author: Jonathan Goldman
First Impressions Printing, 2010


More Than a Touch of Madness
Film International 81, vol. 15, no. 3/2017, pp. 76-85.Issue #3
ISSN: 16516826 

Film Review: Verity Less Lively: Flesh and Blood
Film International Online
November 26, 2017

Newburgh Rising: A Photographers for Hope Journey
Behind the Scenes of the Documentary

By Dean Goldberg
Student Filmmakers, 2016 V1 pp 12-14

Is Cinema Studies really important to a Production curriculum?
Dean Goldberg
Student Filmmakers, 2015, v10, n1, p. 38-39.

The elephant in the room: the role of professionals in media studies
Dean Goldberg
Student Filmmakers, 2014, v9, n4, p. 38-40.

Who's driving the bus?
Dean Goldberg
Student Filmmakers, 2012, v7, n3, p. 35

Visual grammar and syntax of film
Dean Goldberg
Student Filmmakers, 2012, v7, n3, p. 30

A conversation with DP Rick Siegel about Jeff Beck Live at the Iridium: the stuff of legend: Jeff Beck honors Les Paul
Dean Goldberg
Student Filmmakers, 2011, v6, n2, p. 8-14

3 reasons to "just say no" to three point lighting: demystify the 'Holy Trinity' of lighting
Dean Goldberg
Student Filmmakers, May 2009, p. 8-9

The digital revolution: what is missing?
Dean Goldberg
Student Filmmakers, April 2009, p. 42-43

Book Review

Screams and whispers: in Servant of the Bones, Anne Rice's hero finds his inner ghost
Dean Goldberg
The Record, July 21, 1996, p1 of Books and Music Section


A poem: Mr. Lee
Dean Goldberg
Chronogram, October 1, 2014

A poem: Wednesday 8AM
Dean Goldberg
Chronogram, May 1, 2012

A poem: Mirror
Dean Goldberg
Chronogram, September 1, 2015

Papers and Presentations

University Film and Video Association conference 2009
Co-authored with Dana Weidman, Chair of Media Arts at Dutchess Community College. Pedagogical Challenges in the Curriculum: Making Meaning in a turmoil of Technology.  Our paper was titled “Reverse Angles: Tracking the Differing Learning Paths of Community College Students.”

University Film and Video Association conference 2010

Presentation: Beyond Semiotics: The films of Nicolas Roeg

University Film and Video Association conference 2014

Juried Screenplay reading: Seeing Someone by Dean Goldberg and Dana Weidman

Mount Saint Mary College IROC
Semiotics and the Cinema
April 2014

 Dean Goldberg