Academic Schedule & Registration Information

2019-20 Sessions

Summer 2019: 
Session A: May 20 to July 6
Session B: July 8 to August 17
Session Z: May 20 to August 10

Fall 2019:
Session U: August 26 to October 19
Session V: Oct. 21 to Dec. 14
Session C: August 19 to November 8
Session D: September 23 to December 14

Spring 2020
Session X: January 20 to March 14
Session Y: March 23 to May 16
Session F: January 13 to April 4
Session G: February 17 to May 16

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Note: Course schedules are subject to change. Please speak with your academic advisor before registering.



Students can register for courses within each term as follows:
Summer Term: Sessions A, B, Z
Fall Term: Sessions C, D, U, V
Spring Term: Sessions F, G, X, Y

Please see the current course schedule for registration, add/drop, and course cancellation deadlines.

Accelerated students are able to take traditional daytime courses in place of, or concurrent with, accelerated courses; however, the reduced accelerated tuition rate will not apply for such courses.

Students are responsible for understanding and complying with the college’s graduation, major, minor, foundation, and elective course requirements. They should develop an academic plan of study with input from their academic advisor.

Students are responsible for registering and, should their plans change, officially withdrawing in writing (online, email, fax, or letter) from courses within the timelines outlined in this schedule. Students are responsible for full payment of tuition and fees for each course for which they have registered.

Financial Aid

A variety of financial aid programs including loans, grants, and veterans’ benefits are available to full and part-time students. You must carry at least 12 credits per semester to be considered full-time.

Financial aid is distributed on the basis of need as established by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) guidelines.

The Office of Graduate and Adult Degree Completion requires students to file a course plan (preferably at the beginning of the summer session) for the entire academic year so that the Financial Aid Office may determine eligibility.

For more information about financial aid for graduate and adult students, please visit our Financial Aid web page.

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