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Nikola Tesla in New York: The Famed Inventor
Nikola Tesla spent the majority of his life in New York. Learn about his time in Manhattan and his work with many notable individuals of the time. It will also be shown how his inventions play such a major role in our modern lives and how the environment of New York contributed to his accomplishments.
Tuesday, January 8 Snow date January 9
2-4 pm
N. Rosenblum

Vermeer in the Metropolitan
Today Johannes Vermeer is known as one of the great masters from an era called the Dutch Golden age, but this wasn’t always the case. In fact when Vermeer died, his name died with him, and his works disappeared into obscurity. It wasn’t until the 19th century that interest in his work and his name began to surface once again. The discovery of an authentic Vermeer painting is no small feat as he only produced 34 paintings over the course of his entire life. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC is the home of five of these incredibly rare paintings such as A Maid Asleep, Young Woman with a Water Pitcher, Young Woman with a Lute, and Study of a Young Woman. These paintings celebrate simple individuals (mostly women) depicted in everyday life. During this class, you will learn about the artistic elements Vermeer used to compose his paintings and the historical significance of each. You will also learn which of the Vermeer paintings on display at the Met contain a hidden dog.     
Friday, January 11 Snow date January 18
1-2:30 pm
M. Soltis

Playing for Pasta
Everyone loves pasta. Most people love to play. I figured out how to do what I love for money while eating as much pasta as I wanted on a daily basis. Welcome to my life as an Italian professional basketball player, stories of culture, sport, fame, and business unlike any you have heard before. I lived like the locals for over 25 years and eventually forgot what it was like to live in America. Find out how this happened and much more. I would love to share this experience with you.
Monday, January 14 Snow date January 15
1-2:30 pm
R. Bucci

Typhoid Mary: A New York City Tragedy
Learn the story of Mary Mallon, an immigrant, and her life in the turn of the last century. Was she a menace to society or a victim of her times? See how this young lady would remain with a family only a few short weeks, until family members began to get sick. Mallon would subsequently be hired by other families, and the outbreak would follow her. This behavior would eventually change how we look at disease control and health care. We will also learn what became of her life and her place in the history of the City of New York.
Tuesday, January 15 Snow date January 16
10 am-Noon
L. DiMartino

My Career in Journalism: From Newsletters to Magazines to Books
Author and newspaper columnist Anthony Musso shares his passion for writing during what is now a 45-year career in journalism. His writing projects began with poetry and prose, which unintentionally landed him a position as a writer for his company’s monthly newsletter in the early 1970's. In 1984, he was recruited to create, write, and edit a publication for the Northeast Regional Headquarters of the United States Postal System. Musso became involved with several other publications throughout his career, culminating with his position as editor of an 85,000-circulation full-color monthly magazine for Postal Headquarters. He was also a media spokesperson for the organization, handling press inquiries for a wide range of events. Musso began freelance writing for the Poughkeepsie Journal in 1998 and continues to be a weekly columnist for the newspaper. He is the author of seven books and presents about 75 book lectures every year. 
Thursday, January 17 Snow date January 18
10:30 am-Noon
A. Musso

Understanding Your Belief System and How it Affects Your Decision Making
In this lecture, David Martin will discuss and focus on understanding the differences between “healthy and unhealthy beliefs,” including the difference between shame and guilt and the values and importance of making yourself approachable. Using this belief system can change your life and add more purpose.
Monday, January 28 Snow date February 4
1-2:30 pm
D. Martin

The Circular Letter: Washington’s Legacy
While at Headquarters Newburgh, as the war drew to a close, General Washington wrote to the Governors and articulated his vision for the new republic. Circular letters were written to convey the same information to recipients in different locations. This talk will explore the hopes General Washington had to guarantee how the government should work effectively, how the states should be united, and how the protection of that new and fragile nation would be of paramount importance.
Thursday, January 31 Snow date February 1
11 am-Noon
L. Scherer

Immigrant Ocean Crossing: The Great Age of the Ocean Liners
When we think of immigration, we think of immigrants being inspected at Castle Garden and Ellis Island. A forgotten part of the immigrant story is the ocean crossing and the development of the professional maritime shipping industry in the nineteenth century: Cunard Line, White Star Line, Red Star Line, Holland-America Line, Hamburg-America Line, and so on. Its evolution from the sailing ship to the steamship during the nineteenth century Industrial Revolution and how this affected the story of immigration to America will also be discussed. The program will conclude with the showing of the one-hour documentary film, Floating Palaces.
Wednesday, February 6 Snow date February 20
1-3 pm
J. Dosik

Unique Gardens in the Hudson Valley
While botanical gardens that are located in major cities throughout the world attract hundreds of thousands of visitors every year, the Hudson Valley boasts some of the most unique variety of gardens right here in the region. Located on the former private estates of wealthy entrepreneurs and garden enthusiasts and now open to the public or in specially designed arboretums that were created by local municipalities, some of the finest floral finds are within an easy drive. Hear about a sunken garden that was installed on the Westchester County country estate of a successful attorney and his wife that is more known today for its annual summer concert series than its spectacular grounds. Learn about a hillside garden that overlooks Millbrook from the former estate of a New York City banker, who also created a series of carriage trails on the property. Discover a garden that was designed over a two-decade period, using the concepts of Chinese garden patterns. Outstanding gardens exist on the grounds of a major resort, within the boundaries of Orange County's second largest recreational park, on a Red Hook estate that overlooks the Hudson River, and at the former home of one of the region's earliest settlers - all now open for public visits. Transform a winter day into a glimpse of spring and summer with this invigorating presentation.
Thursday, February 7 Snow date February 8
10:30 am-noon
A. Musso

Palatine Germans and French Huguenots
Come learn about how the Palatines finally found a patron in Queen Anne of Great Britain and how she enabled them to cross the ocean and settle in her New York colony. In fact, the settlement of Newburgh was established by the Palatines. Many of these colonists eventually left New York to join other Palatines in Pennsylvania and the upper Midwest. You will also get an appreciation of how the Huguenots came to found many of early America’s industries including glass and silk making and how this literate and well-educated group played an important role in the American Revolution.
Monday, February 11 Snow date February 12
11 am-12:30 pm
S. Skye

The World War I Homefront - How Newburgh Supported the Colors
World War I ended a century ago. Newburgh City Historian, Mary McTamaney spent over a year researching Newburgh’s part in that war and will outline the extraordinary ways average citizens in special services like the Red Cross and YMCA, as well as those who stayed behind in Newburgh, “supported the colors” with many volunteer activities that helped turn the tide to victory.
Monday, February 11 Snow date February 12
1-3 pm
M. McTamaney

Cities of Beauty: Paris, Rome, Florence, Venice, and Barcelona
Some great cities of Europe, such as Paris, Rome, Florence, Venice, and Barcelona, are famous for their association with beauty and romance. Kissing your lover under the Eiffel Tower in Paris; floating together in a gondola on the Grand Canal of Venice, while the gondolier sings passionate songs in Italian; strolling hand in hand by the beautiful Trevi Fountain in Rome at night; gazing upon the spectacular art and architecture of Barcelona and Florence all come to mind. Barry Kass, photographer and Professor emeritus of Anthropology and Sociology, will take us on a photographic tour of these wonderful cities of Europe.
Monday, February 18 Snow date February 19
1-2:30 pm
B. Kass

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