Transfer Credits

The college encourages applications from transfer students. The Registrar will evaluate student’s transcripts from other institutions so that these students may be considered for advanced standing. Transfer students are admitted in any term: fall, spring, and summer.

Students transferring to Mount Saint Mary College with an Associate of Arts (AA) degree or an Associate of Science (AS) degree in a major taught at the college are awarded full junior status and guaranteed 60 credits in transfer. Students with an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in business, who enter the business program, are also awarded full junior status and guaranteed 60 credits.

The college policy is to accept only grades of C or better for transfer. However, grades of C-, D+ and D may be used to bring the transfer credits to the guaranteed level of 60 credits as described above, or in the first part of sequential subjects in which a grade of C or better is achieved in the second part (e.g. BIO I: D; BIO II: B).

The maximum credits that may be awarded to a transfer student with an A.A. or A.S. are 66; assuming no grades below a C have been transferred. The maximum credits that may be awarded to a student transferring from a four-year institution are 90. Credits are only accepted from institutions that have regional accreditation.

The Registrar’s Office will send a separate letter indicating what coursework has been accepted for transfer once a student has been admitted to MSMC.


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