Division of Arts & Letters


Minor in Art

Creativity abounds at the Mount, and art is just one of the many ways that our students express themselves. In recognition of art's importance in one's academic and personal development, the Mount has an Art minor that can be declared by a student in any major.


The Mount's art courses are designed to increase the student’s enjoyment, understanding, and practice of art; to develop critical judgment and taste; and to provide for enrichment of the student’s artistic and professional life. Courses are taught by professionals who share students' passion for creation in a variety of mediums, including drawing, painting, graphic design, and photography. Art is offered as a minor only.

A minor for anyone

Thanks to the Mount's liberal arts education, which allows you to take a variety of courses in a number of subjects even outside your major, the Art minor and Art courses at the Mount allow students of any major to explore their creative side. The creative outlet has been perfect for Biology major and Art minor Angelica Termine.

"Attending a liberal arts college provides me the opportunity to explore classes outside of my major and partake in the various mediums of art."
- Angelica Termine, Biology major and Art minor

What will you create? The possiblities are endless!

Program requirements

A minor in Art requires a total of 18 credits in the discipline, including ART 1030 (History of Art) or ART 1600 (2-D Design Fundamentals). The remaining courses may be selected from any other art courses. Twelve of the 18 credits must be from courses numbered 2000 or above.

Danangelowe Spencer, Mount student, organized an Art Show on campus in 2017.