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Mount Saint Mary College artists attended an opening reception on Friday, April 13. Left to right: Mark Maino of New Hyde Park, N.Y.; Kayla O’Connor of Kearny, N.J.; Andrew Connors of Marlboro, N.Y.; Christopher Neyen, assistant professor of Art and Graphic Design at the Mount; Erika Papagianopoulos of Queens, N.Y.; Eleni Drautz of East Northport, N.Y.; and Stephanie Drautz of East Northport, N.Y.

Minor in Art

The Art minor allows students of all majors the opportunity to integrate and explore art practices along with the academic and research pursuits of their major. Visual thinking and creative problem solving are fundamentals of the discipline, fostering an appreciation and understanding of art and design's universal significance.

Why study Art at the Mount?

The Mount's art courses are designed to provide an understanding of the practice of art and design, but it's also about offering an outlet for your creative energies to be seen, appreciated, and developed. You'll be taught by artists and professionals who are just as passionate about creation as you are.

Additionally, the Mount's CMA gallery, founded in 2018, is devoted to exhibiting professional artists and designers living and working in the Hudson Valley. The gallery serves as an anchor for the presentation and interpretation of contemporary art and design for the Mount and the surrounding creative community. As an Art minor, you will have the opportunity to meet with these local artists and learn more about their creative process.

Plus, anyone can minor in Art at the Mount! We recognize creative expression's importance in one's academic and personal development as well as the career avenues it opens up for all who declare the minor.

"I love how I can come in and use aspects of my life that I love and incorporate it into my artwork. Being an art minor will help me academically in the future because I want to do art and music therapy. Being able to learn such amazing techniques will help me in my field tremendously."

— Emily Mazzurco, Psychology major and Art minor

What to expect as an Art minor

A minor in Art requires a total of 18 credits in the discipline, including ART 1030 (History of Art) or ART 1600 (2-D Design Fundamentals). The remaining courses may be selected from any other art courses. Twelve of the 18 credits must be from courses numbered 2000 or above.

Most importantly, the Mount's art minor allows you to experiment with and perfect your craft in several mediums, including drawing, painting, sculpture, graphic design, and photography. 

Be prepared for your future

Graduating with a minor in Art provides you with a means of standing out to employers, especially in art-related fields like art therapy, graphic design, fashion, art museum curators, and more. Our art minor can also prepare you for graduate studies in a Master of Fine Arts program.

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Mount students visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art