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Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies

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Increasingly, the field of media design and production require strong technology skills in programming and hardware. If you wish to enter a career in these cutting-edge disciplines, you will need a strong foundation in both media design and technology. That's where the Mount's unique program in Technology and Digital Media, an interdisciplinary major, can help you achieve those goals.


Why study Technology and Digital Media at the Mount?

The Mount's unique pairing of a creative and technical discipline allows students a holistic view of the digital media field. This combined major develops creative skills, based on a solid theoretical foundation of the importance of digital media in communication today paired with pratical technical experience, with a focus on hands-on production skills.

Another benefit of this major is access to the incredible faculty in both the Division of Arts and Letters and the Division of Mathematics and Information Technology. As a combined major between the two divisions, you'll be mentored jointly by our Digital Media Production and Information Technology professors, who are as passionate about creating and problem solving as you are.


"The professors were definitely a huge help in helping me achieve my goal, whether it was spending extra time outside of the classroom, or helping me match career path and class choices in my new major."


— Chris Defichy, Technology and Digital Media major



What to expect as a Technology and Digital Media major

As a Technology and Digital Media major, you'll take courses in both digital media and technology, ranging from hardware and software, networking, and digital imaging to film, nonlinear editing, interactive web design, and digital illustration. 

Unlike most of the Mount's other programs, you'll be jointly advised by two Mount professors: one from the Communications program and one from the Information Technology program. The two faculty members will coordinate student advisement, the offering of courses, and the scheduling of those courses to ensure you stay on track.

Throughout the course of your studies, you'll take 48 credits of digital media and technology courses, including a required internship in a field related to your career aspirations. You'll also have the opportunity to gain real world experience through Mount Media, an on-campus creative agency that works on productions for nonprofits and other Hudson Valley organizations. Learn more about Mount Media here.


Be prepared for your future

As a Technology and Digital Media major, your career possibilities will be practically endless! In our increasingly digital world, more and more organizations are searching for job candidates who offer digital design and production skills or technological know-how. To have both of those combined makes you even more marketable in this already sought-after field.

Many Mount Technology and Digital Media majors go into the fields of filmmaking, photography, web design and development, media, marketing, instructional design, and more. However, you can also apply your skills creatively in administration in healthcare, schools, government, and more.


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