Division of Natural Sciences

Exercise Science

Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science

Available beginning Fall 2020

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Exercise Science is the term used to describe the scientific study of the body in motion. The purpose of the program is to help students learn about the workings of the body, its needs under physical and emotional stress, and how that understanding affects human life.

Why study Exercise Science at the Mount?

Any college can teach you about the workings of the human body. At the Mount, we teach you how to care for the body and the person in it.

Our unique service-based approach to Exercise Science allows you to make a difference as you learn. Exercise Science majors are encouraged to conduct research on the effects of Exercise Science in at-risk populations. Community outreach and scientific training go hand in hand as you develop your skills while giving back.

Exercise Science majors at the Mount also benefit from small class sizes, numerous opportunities for research in an area of the field that interests you (vital for admittance into graduate school), and the dedication of passionate faculty who are relentless in helping you succeed.


"The world of health science, specifically exercise science, is a truly amazing field where the study of movement and the improvement of biomechanics can help improve someone’s life and healing. Attending and graduating from the Mount helped me to gain the opportunity to attend graduate school to become a physical therapist. As a PT, I am able to make a difference by helping people to move better and decrease the chance of disorder or diseases."

— Kathryn Zubicki '16

What to expect as an Exercise Science major

Our Exercise Science program is unique in the fact that the studies align well with those undertaken by Biology and Chemistry majors up through Junior year. The similarity in coursework offers Natural Science students the flexibility and time to find the perfect fit from among the Division's majors while staying on track to graduate on time.

As an Exercise Science major, your coursework will span a number of scientific topics like exercise physiology, kinesiology, biomechanics, nutrition, and injury prevention. An understanding of all of these subjects will help you to become a well-versed professional who can approach health and fitness problems from a holistic perspective.

Be prepared for your future

As an Exercise Science major, you'll be ready to enter a variety of fields related to health and wellness. If you wish to pursue further study, you'll be well-prepared to become certified in fitness and wellness disciplines or graduate studies in athletic training, physical or occupational therapy, and even MD or OD degree programs.

Likewise, if you'd rather jump right into your career, Exercise Science majors will have the skills to benefit the fields of nutrition, public health, health education, fitness, and more.

The current popular interest in health and longevity lends itself to an abundance of opportunities for employment and personal fulfillment within the field of Exercise Science.

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