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Bachelor of Arts in Hispanic Studies

Alumni from the Mount who majored in Hispanic Studies present a panel on career options within the major.

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Spanish is the fourth most-spoken language in world, with an increasingly predominant usage in the United States at more than 50 million speakers. As such, majoring in Hispanic Studies offers numerous possibilities for students, giving graduates a marketable edge in the workforce and the ability to pursue a variety of occupations. Additionally, Hispanic Studies graduates are given a particularly unique opportunity to serve others, helping to bridge gaps and make others feel at home and understood.


Why study Hispanic Studies at the Mount?

It's about so much more than the study of the Spanish language. The Mount's Hispanic Studies program emphasizes conversation, culture, and literature to give students a holistic view of the subject. 

In addition to training students in speaking and writing in Spanish, the Mount's Hispanic Studies major also focuses on understanding and appreciating the diverse Hispanic cultures as an integral part of the studies. Additionally, Hispanic Studies students are able to practice their skills in the real world by volunteering their expertise at a variety of community centers, often teaching English as a second language to area residents.

Finally, close faculty and student mentoring and study abroad trips to Spain to further augment studies are highlights of the program.

Need more convincing? Read the Top Ten Reasons to Learn Spanish (studyspanish.com).


"I chose this major because I wanted to become a better Spanish speaker, and I feel like it helped me prepare for my dream career as a teacher. I feel confident teaching in a variety of communities."


— Michelle Boucher, Hispanic Studies major


What to expect as a Hispanic Studies major

As a Hispanic Studies major, you'll begin by taking a Spanish entrance exam that will determine where you will begin your studies. After that, you'll take 36-39 credits of Hispanic Studies courses, 24 of which are required and 12 electives. 

While a study abroad trip to Segovia, Span is a regular offering at the Mount, often accompanied by Hispanic Studies faculty, you can choose from a variety of locations around the world to practice your Spanish language skills.

Many Hispanic Studies majors choose to double major in another subject like Journalism or Human Services or to pursue certification in Childhood Education. You can also choose to minor in Hispanic Studies, which requires 18 credits. 

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Be prepared for your future

Thanks to the versitility of the major and the growing need from employers to provide bilingual job candidates, our Hispanic Studies students thrive after graduation. The major prepares students for graduate school as well as careers in a variety of industries, including communications, business, social services, education, healthcare, and government. Whether you're a translator at a government agency or an elementary school teacher, you'll be able to put your Hispanic Studies skills to good use.

Here's how some of our alumni are using their degrees:

  • Enny Pichardo '06, National News Reporter for NBC Telemundo and Deputy Press Secretary for the New York State Attorney General
  • Alejandra Gomez '14 MSEd '16, special education teacher at the Spackenkill Union School District
  • Justin Perez '16, assistant director at the Presentation Sisters
  • Andy Checo '00, associate director of Havas Formula and president of the Hispanic Public Relations Association


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