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Bachelor of Arts in History

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History is the study of human life recreated from the tracks our ancestors have left behind. The Mount’s History program traces these tracks from antiquity to the present, and explores the rich variety of societies and cultures from around the globe.

In the study of the past, our program equips students with research techniques, analytical strategies, and reading and writing skills that students will find invaluable in a number of today’s most vital occupational settings.

In organizing the curriculum, the faculty has taken care to provide students with a broad general knowledge of history, and a firm foundation for graduate schools or careers in business, government service, law and teaching. Practice and theory are linked through internships in local and regional historical sites and historical societies. 

History at the Mount

Students who major in History must complete a minimum of 30 credits, but not more than 40 credits, in the discipline. Six credits in political science may be used as part of the 30-credit minimum. The remaining credits should be distributed over three areas: American, European and non-Western Studies. At least 18 of the 30 credits must be taken in courses numbered at the 3000 or 4000 level. Additional requirements apply to students who are seeking education certification.

Program Requirements

Students majoring in History must maintain an average of “C” or better in completing the requirements of the major. Those students seeking Education certification must also satisfy the course, credit, and grade requirements specified by the Division of Education. 

Minor in History

Students who minor in History must take 18 credits in the discipline. Three credits may be in political science and at least nine of the credits must be in courses at the 3000 or 4000 level.

Where Mount Students Have Interned

The New York State Senate, the New York State Assembly, the United States House of Representatives, the New York State Police, the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Library and Archives, Washington’s Headquarters, Vanderbilt Mansion, Mills Mansion, the Karpeles Manuscript Museum, the Mount Saint Mary College Archives, and other sites throughout the tri-state area. 

Career Options

College professor, lawyer, archivist, elementary school teacher, high school teacher, law enforcement officer, government official, foreign service agent, state department analyst, politician, journalist, stock broker, corporate records manager, political pundit, bank manager, historical site manager, museum curator, military officer, and many other options.

 Maggie McCarthy History major quote "I have always enjoyed learning about the past. One day I hope to make history exciting for students, like my teachers have done for me."