Social Sciences

History/Political Science

Bachelor of Arts in History/Political Science

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The History/Political Science major offers students the opportunity to combine coursework in the fields of history and political science. This major is particularly useful for students interested in careers in government, law, and teaching.

Students who choose this major will be exposed to the methods employed by both historians and political scientists. They will also gain an understanding of the structures of political institutions and the framework of political thought. There are active internship opportunities in this program, and Mount students have regularly worked in Albany for a semester as interns with the New York Assembly and Senate.

History/Political Science at the Mount

The program in History/Political Science requires that students take six credits in American History, six credits in European History, six credits in Government, six credits in Political Thought, and six credits in elective courses.

Program Requirements

The program requires thirty credits, with eighteen of those credits in courses at the 3000/4000 level. Students must take a minimum of three credits in History/Political Science before taking upper level courses (3000/4000).

Where Mount Students Have Interned

Students have interned with the New York Assembly and the Senate and have received a semester of credit for these internships. There are also internship opportunities available locally with historical societies, museums, and local government offices.

Career Outlook

This is an excellent major that allows for versatile career choices;  from teaching to business, historic preservation, government services, criminal justice, and law.