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Bachelor of Arts in Human Services

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The Human Services major prepares students to work with children, adolescents, and adults within a variety of settings. The major emphasizes interrelationships among individual growth and development, family structure, and the larger social setting. Students become familiar with the history of the helping professions, with various approaches to the development of social policy and with the structure of the social service system in the United States.

Human Services majors graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree. The program prepares them to work in direct service or administrative support in the not-for-profit, public and private sectors.

Human Services majors may take positions in such areas as child welfare agencies, health care, community advocacy, group residences, and recreational programs. Human Sservices majors interested in professional study may enter graduate studies in social work, psychology, counseling, public administration, criminal justice and arts therapy.

Human Services at the Mount

The Human Services program places emphasis on the connection between practitioner-researcher. It provides the student a theoretical foundation, coupled with training in research, and applied agency based experiences. 

Students can work closely with faculty in areas of aging, poverty, children and adolescents, crime, mental illness, etc. The Human Services program at MSMC is an exciting major that prepares the student for agency-based work opportunities and graduate school. Undergraduate students are also provided the opportunity to further develop research interests by working with the Center on Aging and Policy and/or the Center on Adolescent Research and Development at the College.

Human Services / Social Work Option

The Human Services major is eligible to apply for the MSMC/Fordham Social Work collaboration program (3:2). This is a joint program where the student completes three years at the Mount and two years at Fordham University. Upon completion the student will hold a bachelor's degree from the Mount and a master's degree in Social Work (MSW) from Fordham.

Program requirements 

The pre-requisite for beginning upper-class courses is the completion of Introduction to Social Work SW/HSR 103. It is expected that all courses be completed in a satisfactory manner. College-wide policies regarding minimum GPA for graduation are followed.

Where Mount students have interned

Human Services majors have interned in a variety of settings including: school-based programs, working with individuals with lifelong disabilities, county social welfare agencies, nursing homes, domestic violence programs, addictions and substance abuse agencies, pre-school programs, court systems and adolescent programs.

Career Options

There are numerous career options in the field of Human Services. Our graduating students are working in the area of: mental health, mental illness, developmental disabilities, addictions, child and adolescent programs, programs for older adults, and wellness programs.

Career Outlook

The shift in demographics indicates there will be an increase in opportunity for individuals in the helping professions. With life expectancy increasing, it is predicted there will be a need for trained individuals in the area of children services, family services, aging and gerontology, substance abuse and addictions. The career outlook for individuals in the area of human services is one of growth and opportunity.