Mathematics and IT


Bachelor of Arts in Information Technology
Concentration in Networking


Networking and the Internet provide many career opportunities in the technology sector. Employment in computer and math-based fields is expected to grow by 22% through 2020; faster than average for all occupations. Networking specialists, web developers, and other computer networking jobs are high up on the list.

A degree in IT with a concentration in Networking from the Mount offers the advanced Networking skills to design, install, configure, and maintain commercial networks and be competitive in that marketplace.

IT – Networking at the Mount

The program provides a broad introduction to all aspects of computer science, with a concentration in networking concepts and web development technologies. The Networking outcomes include detailed coverage of:

  • LAN and WAN (Internet) components and functionality;
  • TCP/IP networking and related protocols;
  • Network operating systems, including the running of network servers such as FTP, NFS, HTTP, DNS, and DHCP servers and network administration;
  • Network security.

As part of Networking, students take a set of basic technology courses including Internet programming courses, before branching into their specialized courses in networking.

Students in our program are strongly encouraged to engage in co-op experiences related to their career as early as their sophomore year. In their senior year, they can earn 6 – 12 credits in honing their skills in paid co-op internships. In many cases, students are hired directly from their co-op experiences upon graduation.

Through independent study, students can pursue subjects of special interest, expanding their knowledge beyond the limits of a course, or do upper-level research.

The Mount’s IT club (Byte Knights) sponsors events like Game Night, trips to New York City’s Sony museum, and a supportive student environment.

Program requirements

Students majoring in IT with a concentration in Networking must take a minimum of 45 credits in the discipline and maintain a minimum Grade Point Average of 2.0.

Where Mount students have interned

IBM, Travelers Insurance, UPS, Marvel, RAL, and area businesses.

Career Options

Network management, installation and administration, applications architect, administrator, business intelligence analyst, help desk (Tier 2), staff consultant.