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Collaboration Program (3+2 format)
Bachelor of Arts in English from Mount Saint Mary College
Master of Science in Publishing from Pace University

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The English major is one of the oldest and most prestigious majors at Mount Saint Mary College. As an English major, you'll develop a deeper appreciation of language and literature across the ages and enhance your critical thinking and writing skills. Combined with Pace University's stellar publishing program, you'll be ready to not only write the next great American novel, but also to publish it!

Why study English and Publishing at the Mount?

Get a bachelor's and master's degree in just five years from two of the leading institutions in the Hudson Valley. The Mount's collaboration program in Publishing with Pace University is a 3+2 format, leading to a Bachelor of Arts in English after three years at the Mount and a Master of Science in Publishing in the fifth year from Pace University.

Getting your start at the Mount is the ideal situtation for someone interested in the publishing field. You'll learn in small class sizes from faculty who are just as passionate about reading and writing as you are. Plus, you'll have plenty of opportunities to practice your skills through our paid Summer Undergraduate Research Experience, writing for our school newspaper or blog, or running a literacy program at the local community center.

With the ability to hone your studies with a concentration in Writing or Creative Writing or enhance your illustration techniques through a minor in Art, the skills you develop here will give you the opportunity to change the world with your words.


"The Mount is the main reason I found what I wanted as a career. The professors were always encouraging and made sure I spoke up and voiced my opinions, and they really took their time to support individual creativity. They gave me confidence in my ideas and my opinions."


— Courtney Fahy '14, English major


What to expect as an English and Publishing major

The English and Publishing program is a collaboration program between the Mount and Pace University, with three years at the Mount and two years at Pace.

Years 1-3: You'll take courses exclusively at the Mount.
Year 4: You'll split your time between the Mount and Pace, taking your last undergraduate courses at the Mount while beginning your graduate studies at Pace. At the completion of this year, you'll graduate from the Mount with a bachelor's degree in English.
Year 5: You'll take courses exclusively at Pace University to complete a master's degree in Publishing.

As an English major at the Mount, you'll take 39 credits in the subject (24 required credits, 15 elective credits). Prior to starting your major courses, you will have to successfully complete ENG 1010 and ENG 1020 as part of the Mount's core curriculum. Additionally, you will need to earn a GPA of 2.0 or better in ENG 2040, Introduction to Literary Studies, which is the first course you'll take as an English major. You'll also be required to maintain an overall GPA of 2.0 or higher in all of your English courses. 

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Be prepared for your future

While internships aren't required for English majors, we certainly encourage our students to take advantage of the opportunities they provide! Mount English majors with an interest in publishing have interned at places like Thornwillow Press and Hudson Valley Magazine right here in Newburgh to give them the hands-on experience needed to enter the professional world of editing and publishing.

After graduating with both degrees, you'll be set to enter the publishing field, particularly in the sector of editing. In addition, English students are particularly prime candidates for graduate school in English, law, and other fields. You'll also be ready to dive into the fields of library science, teaching, journalism, public relations, marketing, and advertising, if you choose.


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