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Bachelor of Arts in Social Science

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This major is designed to give students wide exposure to the Social Science while concentrating in one particular discipline. The student may choose to concentrate his/her studies in History, History/Political Science, Psychology, or Sociology, and distribute the remaining credits over two other areas.

In doing so, the student receives a strong foundation in the theories, research techniques and analytical skill of one of the Social Sciences while developing an understanding of the relationship between this discipline and the other Social Sciences. This major is particularly useful to students who are interesting in an early childhood teaching or social service career.

Social Science at the Mount

Social Science majors at the Mount may participate in all the academic programs offered by the division, including honors courses and honor societies. They may also participate in the internships offered by the Division of Social Sciences. 

Program Requirements 

The student majoring in Social Science will complete a total of 39 credits. These credits must be distributed in a “21-9-9” sequence with 21 credits in one of the following areas of study: History, History/Political Science, Psychology or Sociology. The remaining 18 credits must be distributed equally in two of the other three areas of study. History or History/Political science may be chosen, but not both. A minimum of 12 credits must be at the 3000/4000 level. In the case of a concentration in History/Political science, a minimum of 9 credits should be taken in both History and Political Science. There is no minor in the Social Science.

Career Options

Many Social Science majors have followed careers in the field of Early Childhood education, and Early Childhood/Special Education.

 Megan Doyle Social sciences major quote "Social science is a combination of all of my favorite subjects, and my professors really make me feel at home. They constantly relate what we're learning in class to the real world."