Social Sciences

Social Work/Human Services, Psychology, or Sociology

Collaboration Program with Fordham University
Bachelor of Arts in Human Services, Psychology, or Sociology from Mount Saint Mary College
Master of Social Work, Fordham University

Overview: The Social Work Collaboration Program

Students interested in Social Work may pursue a collaborative program that leads to a BA from the Mount in any one of the following majors: Human Services, Psychology, or Sociology, and an MSW from Fordham University’s Graduate School of Social Services.

In this program, students spend the first three years at the Mount taking a combination of liberal arts courses. These and other courses are designed to fulfill the general education requirement for a bachelor’s degree and the major requirements in Human Services, Psychology, or Sociology. Meeting these requirements establish student eligibility for admission to the MSW program at Fordham.

Students earn the bachelor’s degree from Mount Saint Mary College after the completion of their first year of study at Fordham.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for admission into the MSW program at Fordham, students must complete 88 credits by the end of their sixth semester, with a minimum 3.0 GPA. These 88 credits must include all required core and major courses in Human Services, Psychology, or Sociology, plus three major electives. Students should discuss other recommended courses with the program’s advisor.

Application Procedures

Students submit an application in their 6th semester, which will be reviewed at the Mount by the Social Work Advisory Committee. If the committee recommends acceptance into the program, the Fordham University School of Social Services will then make a final decision on the application.

This accelerated program is competitive, and there are a limited number of positions of entry into the professional phase of this program at Fordham. Students who do not gain admission to the program during their third year may remain at the Mount and complete the requirements for the BA degree. These students may apply to Fordham or other MSW programs for admission after completing the BA degree.

Career Options

The career outlook for individuals in the areas of human services and social work is one of growth and opportunity.