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Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

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Sociology is a liberal arts program that focuses on how human society functions with attention given to the role of major institutions of society (such as family, government and education), and of formal and informal groups and their impact on individuals.

Students who complete this program gain expertise in human behavior and culture, and learn how to conduct research on social issues. The program teaches students to analyze issues that are particularly relevant to today’s world, such as diversity, poverty, and power, and prepares them to play an active role in an increasingly complex society.

Sociology at the Mount

Beyond the introductory Sociology course, students must complete the following six courses (18 credits):

  • SOC 3040 Social Class, Power and Inequality
  • SOC 3410 Race, Gender, and Society
  • SOC 3210 Statistics
  • SOC 4070 Social Theory
  • SOC 4110 Quantitative and Qualitative Research
  • SOC 4250 Readings in Applied Social Research

Finally, students select four additional Sociology courses (12 credits) at the 200 level or above.

Program Requirements

Students must maintain a cumulative average of C or better.

Career Options

Sociology prepares students for graduate work in sociology or social work for students who wish to become professors, researchers or applied sociologists. The program also provides a strong foundation for a wide array of careers, including careers in business, social services, government, law, medicine, journalism, and public administration.

 Brianna MacSaveny Sociology major quote "I interned at the Office of Child and Family Services. It was an eye-opening experience to work alongside an actual case manager."