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The annual Vespers service at Mount Saint Mary College, led by Durward Entrekin, is a tradition that marks the beginning of the Christmas season at the college. This year’s Vespers service will take place December 3.


If you live for performance — watching it, performing in it, or even reading it — then you should consider a minor in Theatre Arts and Music. A Theatre Arts and Music minor helps increase understanding and enjoyment of performance, develop critical judgment and taste, and provide for an enriching theatrical, musical, and professional life. Plus, it's a fun, creative outlet to complement your other studies.


Why study Theatre Arts and Music at the Mount?

Studying Theatre Arts and Music at the Mount provides a holistic approach to the study of theatre, music, and their effects on society. You'll learn about the history of performance, the art of acting and singing, and the impact that creativity has on the world.

There are also numerous opportunities for Mount Theatre Arts and Music minors to improve their craft. If you enjoy acting or singing, you'll have the opportunity to perfect your passion with our accomplished creative faculty. Theatre Arts and Music minors are encouraged to complement their studies by participating in the school play and singing in the winter and spring choral productions. Occassionally, the Theatre Arts and Music professors will even team up on a musical to combine both of our students' passions and help hone their skills.


“The Mount was the first place I performed. The Aquinas mainstage became my home away from home and helped me develop the courage to break into the world of entertainment. These moments inspired me to put my voice into the world.”


— Joseph Mastando '14, Creative Marketing Director and Lead Singer of Pros and iCons


What to expect as a Theatre Arts and Music minor

A Theatre Arts and Music minor can be declared by any major! The six required courses fit easily into many programs' elective credits. Nine credits will be taken in Theatre Arts, and the other nine will be taken in Music. At least one course must include a performance aspect, such as THR 3380 (Acting) or MUS 1650/1660 (Voice Workshop I or II).

Many Theatre Arts and Music minors will also elect to enhance their studies by participating in the mainstage plays or choral performances or joining a student-led theater group like Improvology or Knight Notes. Some students also choose an independent study or research project where they will write or direct their own short plays at the college.


Be prepared for your future

The transferable skills offered by studying Theatre Arts and Music are beneficial for any field. Theatre Arts and Music students are used to working under tight deadlines, have excellent oral communication and memory skills, and know how to take direction and work collaboratively with others — skills that any employer will appreciate.

The minor also helps to prepare students who are interested in theatre and music-based careers such as playwriting, acting, singing, performance, and more.


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Tomfoolery musical student performance