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Writing Concentration

Concentration in Writing or Creative Writing (can be declared by any major)

Students participate in a writing workshop

The ability to communicate clearly and effectively is a fundamental requirement for personal and professional success. Technology in particular has put writing skills on display more than ever before. Through emails, blogs, social media content, and online resumes and portfolios, our writing is often the first chance we get to make an impression, professionally or personally. 

In other words, your writing can effect change, for both yourself and the world. Learning how to write (and write well) is invaluable when it comes to advancing in your career and making a difference.

Why study Writing at the Mount?

The Writing and Creative Writing concentrations are housed within the Division of Arts and Letters (though they can be declared by any student). Together, we explore various forms of professional and creative writing through courses in journalism, technical writing, and publishing.

Students can further develop their skills by writing for the school newspaper or student blog or even participating in writing research (like a recent student who studied the history of recipe writing!).

"(This program) allows the deep reader and the passionate writer in all of us to spring forth. If you want to be remembered in this world, to have your words immortalized in ink or stone, it all starts here."

— Tanner Tait, English and Journalism double major



What to expect with a Writing or Creative Writing concentration

Declaring a Writing or Creative Writing concentration at the Mount is easy: It's only four courses, which fits in well with many of our other majors and programs!

  • If you decide to declare a Writing concentration, you'll begin with two courses: Writing for the Professional and Copyediting. Then, you'll pick two more that spark your interest, such as Playwriting, Writing for Mass Media, Tutoring Writing, Argumentation and Persuasion, or even a writing internship.
  • As a Creative Writing concentration student, you'll have the opportunity to take courses like a Writing Workshop, Screenwriting, Poetry, or even an independent study on a creative writing topic of your choosing. 

Finally, both Writing and Creativie Writing students will be required to complete their studies with the compilation of a capstone ePortfolio. These writing samples, which will be collected throughout your time at the Mount, will serve as a wonderful resource for you post-graduation when searching for jobs. Many employers request such portfolios during interviews, so having one on hand already is a huge benefit.


Be prepared for your future

Graduating with a concentration in Writing or Creative Writing will let employers know that you have the skills to write clearly and communicate effectively in a variety of professional settings.

Students can also choose to elevate their experience by interning in a writing-related field like marketing, public relations, journalism, and business communications.

Those who graduate with a Writing or Creative Writing concentration will be prepared to enter fields like journalism, technical and marketing writing, communications, social and digital media, public relations, and more.


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