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Writing Concentration

The Writing concentration is available with any major. 


The ability to communicate clearly and effectively is a fundamental requirement for personal and professional success. The concentration in Writing is ideal for anyone who wishes to develop critical writing skills; become a professional writer; or prepare for successful communication practices within any field or industry. 

Technology and communications devices have put writing skills on display more than ever before. Today, we often meet prospective clients, employers, teachers, and colleagues through written communications, before we meet them in person. Through emails, blogs, social media content, and online resumes and portfolios, our writing is often the first chance we get to make an impression, professionally or personally. 

Writing Concentration at the Mount

The Division of Arts and Letters oversees the writing concentration, a four-class, 12-credit program designed to allow students from any major to gain focused writing instruction.

The writing concentration explores various forms of professional writing through course work in journalism, technical writing, publishing, and creative writing. 

Students will take two required courses: Writing for the Professional and Copyediting. Students will then be able to choose two additional courses from this designated list, or substitute an approved 3-credit writing internship. 

  • Creative Writing 
  • Tutoring Writing
  • The Essay 
  • Journalistic Writing 
  • Newswriting 
  • Writing for the Mass Media 
  • Argumentation and Persuasion 
  • Playwriting

Successful completion of the concentration will include a capstone ePortfolio drawn from the student’s writing experience and compiled under the guidance of a faculty mentor.

This concentration is open to all majors and students. At 12 credits, this concentration can fit within many programs’ allotments of free electives.

The Writing Center at the Mount

The Mount boasts a highly experienced and well-staffed Writing Center that provides support to students in writing projects and overall skill development. Students with good writing skills are encourage to tutor other students (in paying positions), and gain a great deal of experience in doing so.  

Where Our Students Have Interned

Writing internships are plentiful at the Mount, including journalism, public relations, technical writing, media relations, and business communications.

Career Options

Journalist, technical writer, financial analyst, corporate communications specialist, procedural and compliance writer, web content manager, social media content manager, web writer, public relations manager, speech writer, presentation developer, environmental writer, advertising copywriter, magazine or book publishing editor, freelance business writer, marketing and communications writer.