The Honors Program

Honors ScholarsBecome a Student Scholar at the Mount in the Honors Program

Are you naturally curious or contemplative?
Do you enjoy challenging yourself?
Are you intrigued by the world around you and how you can use your education to make a difference?

If you said yes to these questions, then the Mount's Honors Program might be for you.

The Honors Program at the Mount

The Honors Program at Mount Saint Mary College fosters students’ demonstration of superior scholarship in multiple disciplines, while preparing them to assume leadership through service to the college community and beyond.

Students in the Honors Program at Mount Saint Mary College are given many opportunities to pursue their academic interests and career paths, and to develop new perspectives in the arts, the sciences, history, culture and society, and technology.

Through dedicated housing wings, excursions and service projects, and Honors-specific coursework, Honors students connect with their peers and discover similar motivations, priorities, and interests to enhance the academic community.

"I have had many opportunities to enhance my education. For my Honors-by-Contract class, I got to teach the class about the psychological impact of having a family member with cancer, using Erikson's developmental stages."


— Diana Pernicano, Nursing


Honors Student Benefits

Beginning Fall 2020: Honors students will receive a $3,000-5,000 scholarship, renewable each year provided the student remains in the Honors Program.

In addition to dedicated classes with like-minded individuals and an Honors citation on one's transcript, Mount Honors students also enjoy benefits like:

  • Honors Housing
  • Excursions and trips
  • Post-Graduate workshops
  • Priority registration
  • and more...

How to Join the Honors Program

If you are an accepted student to the Mount and you meet the academic critera, look out for your invitation to the program in your email! Once you submit your deposit to the Mount, you will receive an email about a week later with a form to officially accept your invitation to the program.

For more information about the Honors Program, please contact the Honors Program Director, Marie-Therese C. Sulit at

Mount student presenting research for the Honors Research Symposium


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Honors Program