Honors Program

Honors Program Mission Statement

The elements of the Honors Program logo (at right, clockwise): the Torch represents the knowledge that is shared and cultivated at the Mount; the Dominican Cross symbolizes the Dominican heritage of the Mount; the Knight represents the pride of an honors student at the Mount; and the World demonstrates the unity and diversity among honors students at the Mount.

The Honors Program at Mount Saint Mary College fosters students’ demonstration of superior scholarship in multiple disciplines, while preparing them to assume leadership through service to the college community and beyond.

To achieve these objectives, our students

  • Pursue their academic goals in the spirit of intellectual rigor, seeking excellence in their own discipline and establishing connections in a cross-disciplinary context.
  • Express creativity by self-directed learning and aesthetic appreciation.
  • Engage in service initiatives through Honors Program- and college-led projects.
  • Model leadership by creating opportunities that show others how to pursue rigor, express creativity and engage in service initiatives.
Honors Scholars

Honors Program