The Honors Program

Honors Program Benefits

There are numerous benefits to being part of the Honors Program at the Mount. The first is financial; beginning in Fall 2020, students who elect to be part of the Honors Program will receive a $3,000-5,000 scholarship, renewable for up to four years provided they remain in the program.

Most importantly, however, you'll be placed in classes with peers who are dedicated to academic greatness just like you. On an educational level, you will be enriched by courses that challenge you to expand your mind, think outside the box, and inspire you to give back.

Besides these aspects, however, here are seven additional reasons to join the Mount's Honors Program:

Move-in day1. Honors Housing

Enjoy a select section of housing specifically for Honors students, available as both first-year and upperclassman students. Honors housing allows similarly-motivated students to live and learn together in an atmosphere that is committed to high academic performance and intellectual development. Plus, Honors housing fosters deeper friendships and comraderies between our students!

Students on laptops in the college library2. Priority Registration

No getting locked out of calsses! Honors Program students are given the opportunity to register for classes a day earlier than traditional students so they can choose the courses they need and want to take without fear of the class being over-registered.

Students at the Metropolitan Museum of Art3. Excursions, Trips, and Service Opportunities

This is where you'll build the best memories with your fellow Honors students! Take a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Jewish Heritage Museum, or even an outing to a local apple orchard just for fun. Additionally, there are numerous on-campus Honors Program events and lectures throughout the year to socialize and expand upon your learning outside of the classroom. Finally, service opportunities at local organizations allow you to use your knoweldge to help others in need.

Student Honors Council group shot4. Student Honors Council

Take on a leadership role within the Honors Program as a member of the Student Honors Council! In addition to gaining leadership experience valued by employers, members of the Student Honors Council organize Honors programming and help mold the Honors Program into an academic community for both students and faculty alike.

Student presents Honors research5. Honors Research

The Honors research seminar puts you in charge of your education. Pick a topic you're passionate about and spend one or two semesters working one-on-one with a faculty member to learn more. Not only will this help you to become an expert in your field, but experiences like this are what will make your resume stand out to an employer!

Honors students at the Employers luncheon6. Post-Graduate Workshops

In collaboration with the Career Center on campus, the Honors Program features a series of workshops that assist students in their preparation for further academic work on the post-graduate level. These workshops include information sessions about graduate school funding, as well as scholar programs like the Fulbright and Rhodes scholarship opportunities.

Honors student graduating7. Honors citation

The culmination of the Honors Program occurs during a reception for graduating Honors students, where they receive an official Honors citation on their college transcripts, indicating they graduated from the Mount's Honors Program and maintained high-achieving academic standards.

Honors Program