The Honors Program

Honors Program Perks

The elements of the Honors Program logo (at right, clockwise): the Torch represents the knowledge that is shared and cultivated at the Mount; the Dominican Cross symbolizes the Dominican heritage of the Mount; the Knight represents the pride of an honors student at the Mount; and the World demonstrates the unity and diversity among honors students at the Mount.

Honors Housing

As first-year students, student scholars will enjoy the advantage of Honors Housing in a select wing of the freshmen residence halls, with students who are similarly motivated and committed to high academic performance. For upperclassmen housing, students will enjoy residing together in an upperclass residence hall.


Trips to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Jewish Heritage Museum, located in New York City, are conducted annually. Other program-sponsored events, such as the Honors Reception, and service activities, which include food and book collections, are also held throughout the academic year.

Student Honors Council

As a member of this community of scholars on campus, students are given the opportunity to assume a leadership position in the Student Honors Council to actively shape the ever-evolving Honors Program at the Mount. The students on the council work closely with the faculty to help mold the Honors Program into an academic community for both students and faculty alike.

Post-Graduate Workshops

In collaboration with the Career Center on campus, the Honor Program features a series of workshops that assist students in their preparation for further academic work on the post-graduate level. These workshops include information sessions about graduate school funding, as well as scholar programs like the Fulbright and Rhodes scholarship opportunities.

Priority Registration

Student Scholars in the Honors Program are given the opportunity to register early for the courses that they are interested in to ensure their participation in these courses.

Honors Scholars