The Honors Program

Honors Program Policies

The policies of the Honors Program include the following:

Upon invitation to the Honors Program:

  • 80+ GPA and either 26+ ACT or 1200+ SAT
  • 85+ GPA and either 25+ ACT or 1150+ SAT

Upon matriculation into the Honors Program:

  • a minimum GPA of 3.4

    Honors GPA Policy
  • 18 Honors credits, a total of 6 courses that include the following:
    - student selection among several introductory-level Honors courses
    - student-faculty option of Honors-by-Contract for traditional courses
    - an Honors interdisciplinary seminar (3 credits)
    - an Honors Research Seminar (at least 3 credits)

    Honors Credit Policy
Honors Scholars