The Honors Program

Honors Program Requirements

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Admissions Requirements:

First-Year Students
Entry into the Honors Program as a first-year student is by invitation. Students are invited into the program based on the following criteria: 85+ GPA and either 25+ ACT or 1150+ SAT. If you fall just short of these criteria and would like to be considered for the Honors Program, please contact us at for a review of your academic record.

Transfer Students
Students who are transferring into the Mount from another two- or four-year institution will be invited into the Honors Program provided they have a 3.4+ GPA from their current institution. Transfer students from select local community colleges are also eligible to receive a half-tuition scholarship by applying for the Transfer Honors Scholarship.

Current Mount students who wish to join the Honors Program will be considered for admission provided they have a 3.4 GPA, have taken at least 15 credits at the Mount, and receive recommendation for admittance by an MSMC faculty member. 


Honors Program Academic Requirements:

As part of the Mount's Honors Program students are required to maintain a minimum GPA of 3.4 and take 18 credits of Honors coursework throughout their time at the Mount.

If a student's cumulative average falls below 3.4 at the end of a given semester but is higher than 3.1, he/she may continue as part of the Honors Program on probation for up to two semesters with the director's aproval. Probation ranges vary depending on number of credits completed:

Honors GPA Policy

Honors Coursework:
Honors students will complete 18 credits (6 courses) of Honors coursework throughout their time at the Mount. They will include the following types of courses:

  • Introductory-level Honors courses
  • Optional Honors-by-Contract, with supplement traditional courses with additional Honors work
  • Honors interdisciplinary seminar
  • Honors Research seminar

The following is a map of how many Honors credits students must take each year at the college:

Honors Credit Policy

Honors Program