Academic Enrichment

Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE)

Through the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE), Mount Saint Mary College faculty work collaboratively with students on research projects over the summer, in subject areas such as science, mathematics, education, psychology, the arts, business, and more. This competitive program offers a stipend and housing to students who, in turn, spend 20 hours a week for part of the summer working on research. These projects often get turned into college symposium, local, national, and international conference presentations, or even publications. Working side-by-side with a faculty member is a fantastic opportunity for our students to gain an academic research experience.

Past research topics have included:

  • "Identification of Genetic Interactions Assocaited with PRP5 Using S. Cerevisiae as a Model"
  • "Investigating Changes in Gene Expression Associated with the Anti-Proliferative Effect of Trans-Cinnamaldehyde in HeLa Cells"
  • "The Effects of Aqua Yoga Participation on Physical Land Measures in a Senior Population"
  • "Transforming Classrooms with Emerging Technology"
  • "Am I Really Proud of This?: Exploring the Relationships Between Pride, Embarrassment and Shame in Consumers' Psychological Ownership of Products and Brands"
  • "For Crying Out Loud! Does Gender Bias Affect the Credibility of a Tearful Messenger?"
  • "Changing Breastfeeding Rates Through Nurse Education"
  • "Avatar-Based Smartphone Application Strategy as a Heart Failure Education Strategy"
  • "Between Childhood and College Writing: Considering Writing Pedagogy Throughout the Adolescent Years"'
  • "New Approaches to the Jazz Age"

Check out coverage of our students' SURE achievements below:

Evan Merkhofer, Assistant Professor of Biology