Poverty Simulation Experience

November 06, 2019 4:30 PM7:30 PM
Hudson Hall and surrounding area

Poverty… we know the word but do we truly understand what it means? How does living in poverty affect people? Why do we need to know? How will this knowledge impact how we engage in the world?

Join us for an event that has the potential to open your eyes to the human cost of poverty. Experience four weeks in the lives of individuals and families that for a variety of reasons are living in poverty.    

During these three hours, you will experience the daily interactions that people living in poverty endure. You will experience their challenges as you assume the role of a family member who is experiencing situational or generational poverty. You will be provided with background information about your circumstances and whatever resources you have available. You may need to bargain to feed your family, to keep the electricity running in your home, or to ensure you have a home for one more day. During the course of the simulation you may deal with banks, mortgage brokers, social service providers, school personnel, pawnbrokers, employers, and others who impact your lives.

After the simulation we will share our experiences and insights as we debrief from this unique and powerful event. Most importantly, we will identify ways our new understandings will influence our thoughts and actions. 

Please bring a non-perishable food item.

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This event is sponsored by Division of Education, Newburgh Teacher Center, Sigma Tau Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi and Catholic Relief Services Student Ambassadors

This event is approved for FYE credit.