Recruitment and Outreach Coordinator

Cynthia Laudato

Cynthia is a Recruitment and Outreach Coordinator in the Office of Graduate Programs and Adult Degree Completion at Mount Saint Mary College.

She is responsible for connecting with prospective adult students and promoting the many educational opportunities available to them at the Mount. Cynthia supports the enrollment efforts of the college by providing admissions information to prospective or newly admitted students, aiding in the creation of communication materials, and by representing the school at various locations.

Cynthia received a Bachelor of Science in ​Child and Family Services ​from the State University College at Oneonta in 2016. While attending college​, she fulfilled her internship at Oneonta Job Corps along with mentoring at-risk students in Oneonta Central School District.

​Prior to Mount Saint Mary, Cynthia was employed as a family specialist in a non-secure detention facility for adolescents​. Additionally, she worked in early childhood education while attending college. ​

Cynthia currently lives in Washingtonville.

Phone:  845-569-3252

Adult Admissions Counselor Cynthia Laudato