Academic Advisor

Irene Belen-Jones

Irene is an academic advisor for the Adult Degree Completion Program and is responsible for advising the candidates for the School of Nursing. Through outreach, information sessions, and preliminary advisement, she facilitates applicants’ seamless transition from first inquiry through the application process. Additionally, for Nursing students, she provides guidance and direction until selection into the very competitive Nursing program at the Mount. 

With a background in Human Services, Non-Profit, and Entrepreneurism, she knows and appreciates changes in career paths and is able to relate very well with applicants and advisees who come in to change careers. Irene received her MBA at Mount Saint Mary College in 2012, and her motivation to complete her degree was backed by a comment one of her Professors made to a student, which was “You will be 50 years old whether or not you complete your degree.” She shares this statement to encourage her advisees who feel they may be too old to finish their degrees.

Phone: 845-569-3231