If I am a student of ethnic descent or have a disability, do I automatically qualify for admission into HEOP?
No, HEOP is not what is known as a "minority access program;" rather, it was established in 1969 by the State Education Department (SED) to provide access, but principally academic support, for any qualifying New York State student - that is, one who meets both academic and economic eligibility standards.

How do I know if I am eligible for the HEOP program?
An HEOP candidate must be both academically and economically eligible. The academic guidelines are set by the Mount Saint Mary College Admissions and HEOP Offices. The economic guidelines are set by the New York State Board of Regents for all opportunity programs statewide. (See eligibility tab for more info)

I didn’t know about HEOP when I started college, and I think I was eligible. Is it possible to still apply?
No, unfortunately, you need to apply for HEOP before entering college. If you began college as a regularly admitted student, you are no longer eligible for HEOP.

What does HEOP cover?
HEOP covers the cost of tuition, textbooks, room, and board.

Will my siblings be eligible for HEOP?  
Siblings of current HEOP students may also be eligible for the HEOP program as long as the financial eligibility of the family still meets required guidelines and the siblings are academically disadvantaged.

If I change my major, causing me to have to stay in college for more than four years, will HEOP pay for my courses?
Yes, HEOP funds students up to five years. Therefore, if students change their major or retake courses and need an extra semester or year to graduate, HEOP can provide that support. Students are eligible for ten semesters of HEOP aid; anything past five years, students will have finance on their own.

How many spaces are available in Mount Saint Mary College’s HEOP program?
This number is dependent on the number of students we have graduate that year (i.e. if eight students are graduating, we will have eight spots available).  

I am currently in a HEOP/EOP program at my college; can I transfer into your HEOP program?
HEOP acceptance depends upon the availability of both space and funds. You must check with the HEOP office prior to entry to find out if transfer students are being accepted for the semester you plan to enter.

Can I apply early decision for HEOP?
No, we only accept ‘regular decision’ applications, with a deadline of January 17, 2019.