Leadership Council

Leadership Council 2018 group photo

The mission of the HEOP Leadership Council at Mount Saint Mary College is to prepare members to become leaders, advocates and global citizens, by first leading within the HEOP community. Each HEOP class is designated a council representative who is responsible for a particular project. The leadership council works collaboratively to plan and facilitate programs for the HEOP cohort. The leadership council encourages servant leadership, teamwork, responsibility, accountability, and innovation.

2018-2019 Leadership Council

                         HEOP Chair of External Relations
                           Stephanie Ortiz
                   Chair of External Relations
       HEOP Chair of Programming
           Ashley Mejia
    Chair of Programming


                          HEOP Chair of Internal Relations
                           Giselle Martinez
                     Chair of Internal Relations


       Cynthia Fraile, HEOP Chair of Community Outreach        
           Cynthia Fraile
 Chair of Community Outreach